Service Exellence

Selected Projects:

Client Business Need:   Program Management

Industry:                        Medical Devices (Capital)

Our client, a medical device start-up needed help in identifying a go-to-market strategy for their family of cell-growth bioreactors. At a critical juncture in the development of their product family, Ventmark provided in-depth analysis and critique of their existing product development strategy, and a road map for program and project prioritization. Ventmark helped identify program risks and developed a framework for satisfying company goals and for meeting customer needs going forward.

Client Business Need:  Business Development

Industry:                       Clinical Research

An innovative SMO start-up required help in developing a sales strategy for its new oncology clinical research program. By performing research and analysis of the targeted markets - community oncologists, cancer centers and regional hospitals - Ventmark determined market potential and unique selling points. From this market research, Ventmark developed research site profiles and pricing strategies, and took the lead in in engaging with new research partners, and through is efforts, added new sites to the program.

Client Business Need:  Project Management

Industry:                        Biopharma R&D

For our client - a major bio-pharma company - Ventmark provided Project Management services to manage cross-functional Safety and Regulatory teams involved in biologic drug development. By coordinating Safety and Regulatory submissions, CTRs, Risk Plans etc., Ventmark Project Management supported the Global Safety Officers in providing meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and action items.

Client Business Need:  Business Development

Industry:                      Electronics/Semiconductors

A major semiconductor company developing a novel 3D IC Assembly technology engaged with Ventmark to provide market research, bench marking and competitive analysis for this disruptive technology. By developing sales strategies and identifying new market verticals, Ventmark provided technology road map guidance, including recommendations for evolution into higher ASP/high margin products in the medical, aerospace and networking markets. In order to leverage existing commodity sales channels, Ventmark provided critical technical training for this new value added service to company sales reps and outside partners. Using the output from its market research and analysis, Ventmark identified and closed new business with a major networking account, demonstrating potential beyond existing markets.

Client Business Need:  Business Development

Industry:                       Medical Devices (Disposables)

In order to determine the potential for building onto its existing medical device instrumentation market presence, a newly acquired division of a major private equity company turned to Ventmark for help. By performing insightful and accurate market research, Ventmark identified the product performance requirements in these new markets, and assessed barriers to entry, pricing strategies an overall value proposition. Ventmark provided new market potential and associated product development requirements, helping drive the company technology road map as part of company wide emphasis on new business.